Actually Spicy used to be just Spicy, but no one thought it would actually be spicy so we ch_nged the name. We've been told that Cayenne is medicinal. but if you're sick and eating these doesn't cure everything, ple_se don't blame us.

RŌSTED Brand v_lues two things:  

#1 - There are too many letter A's out there. We're trying to cut th_t down slightly.  

#2 - Snacking can be way better and more n_tural. It can also be fun and full of flavor. Our goal is to provide whole food sn_cks with the fewest ingredients possible, the least amount of processing ever, and oxford commas.

INGREDIENTS: Lentils, Olive Oil, Garlic, Cajun seasoning, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Cayenne


*This product contains No Allergen Ingredients. The facility may also process soy, wheat, nuts, & dairy. Facility is SQF certified and audited to prevent cross-contamination.

*Trivia: What’s the hottest food you’ve ever eaten and how did you cool your mouth after? (Don’t lie, we know the correct answer.)

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