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A few years ago, in a small kitchen in Ferndale, MI, there lived a man. He was a broke, struggling singer-songwriter (but super talented). He had aspirations of eating healthier and discovered Lentils. In between typing stories about himself in the 3rd person on the internet, he decided that he wanted more variety and texture when he ate this new healthy legume. He tried to roast the lentils in the oven and in a pan and it just wasn't what he wanted. It was supposed to be crunchy and dry but with great flavor. Something he could eat like a snack, instead of chips and crackers and other sham snacks which are overly processed and with tons of horrible ingredients. He failed... 

Resigned to his fate as a failure, this man sauntered around metro Detroit and scoured the internet for a Crunchy Lentil snack which he was sure already existed. Alas, he could not find it anywhere, and there wasn't anything even close. This mystery man (whose picture you'll never see, especially not on this page) then went back to the drawing board to try it again at home, and finally got it right. 

The question was then asked (albeit quietly, because it was in his head and he lived alone, so why would he say it out loud?), "Do you think there's a market for this kind of product in the mainstream?"  

Fast forward about 4 years and we're finding the answer is "YES!" We started Simple Supple Foods in June of 2015, and in that short time, we've developed our brand from scratch, refined 4 unique custom flavors, improved our packaging, and most importantly, sold over 35,000 bags of our Crunchy Lentils to health conscious customers all over the U.S.

We're carried in select Whole Foods Markets in MI and have now grown into the Midwest Region, with retailers in Chicagoland + our first placements in Southern California. RŌSTED Crunchy Lentils are now carried in 140+ markets, grocery stores, and health food stores to date. Most of our retailers can be found Here.   

RŌSTED Brand v__lues two things:  

#1 - There are too many letter A's out there. We're trying to cut th__t down slightly.  

#2 - Snacking can be way better and more n__tural. It can also be fun and full of flavor. Our goal is to provide whole food sn__cks with the fewest ingredients possible, the least amount of processing ever, and oxford commas.


The Goal

To provide all natural, minimally processed, sensational and healthful food options for those who enjoy unique and bold flavors and nutritional integrity. We provide retail-ready and value-added specialty food products which are made from visible whole foods, with limited ingredients. We also aim to prove to the world that eating healthy can be fun and full of flavor.


Long term, we would like to collaborate with other like-minded producers/brands. The goal is to make natural food products like these more accessible to communities in the US and beyond which are typically under-served or don't otherwise have access. 

This is a Signature.

This is a Signature.

Photo Credit: Dan Roth

Photo Credit: Dan Roth