The Satisfied...

We love Roasted Lentils straight out of the bag! A delicious and nutritious snack and sometimes we sprinkle them on a salad, if they make it that far. Quick, easy, guilt-free snack and topping! -Carla G. - Hilton Head, SC

I sampled these at a Michigan vegan food expo, and absolutely fell in love. Perfect snack when I'm running short on time or on the road! -Ashley S.- Jersey City, NJ

"I eat Roasted Lentils (well, okay, I've only tried the Mediterranean) but I eat Mediterranean Roasted Lentils (actually, I rudely use my hands and devour them)... okay, I devour Mediterranean Roasted Lentils on a regular basis (well.... this WAS my first bag, but I loved them so much, I just ordered 6 more bags)! Fine. I once devoured Mediterranean Roasted Lentils - and PLAN TO DEVOUR MANY MORE!" -Gordon B. - Ithaca, NY

"By the handful! Or on steamed spinach. Or on a plain baked potato. Limitless options!" -Kim R. Bloomfield, MI

"We love your product. Have purchased at art fairs 3 times" -Lucinda E. - Westland, MI

"I tried these at Milford Memories and loved them. I keep them in my desk at work. When Chocolate calls my name, I reach for the Roasted Lentils. -Deb S. - Milford, MI

"I tried these at a vegan food festival, and they were so amazing I had to buy some to take home. Original is my favorite, but I like all of them!" -Trisha B. - Berea, OH

"Dear Simple Supple Foods, I am living in various places, as a dog sitter I spend some time in the car and traveling from place to place. It's great to be able to take Spicy Roasted Lentils with me everywhere I go! Salads and soups go great with Spicy Roasted Lentils. Thanks in advance for the discount!" -Deb R.

"I like to sprinkle them on my Mac & Cheese, while my husband likes to eat them by the handful!" -Stephanie P. - Farmington, MI

"I tasted the Mediterranean Roasted Lentils in person as a snack. I just loved it and within 5 minutes of tasting them I am placing an order for all three varieties." -Janet B. - Painesville, OH

"I just discovered your product at a made in Michigan store in Frankenmuth. Thought I'd try the standard flavor and it's excellent! Very happy to find a healthy snack that isn't very expensive & is made in our great state." -Jason F. - Bay City, MI

"Spicy Roasted Lentils go great with ramen! And salad, especially after letting the dressing soak in, they're still crunchy and give everything that extra flavor kick."

"It's finally the beginning of soup season which means rOsted lentils in soup. Specifically Mexican ramen. I am very tempted to experiment with rOsted lentils baked into homemade bread.

"It's finally salad season again! While I eat salads year round Spring is a great time to eat Spicy Roasted Lentils in fruit salads. Have you tried it yet? Everything is better with this Simple Supple food! Don't leave the kitchen without them." -Debra R. - Chicago, IL

"I eat them by the spoonful. The roasted lentils are so good I can imagine eating in salad, mixed with veggies or on potatoes but they are so good I have never gotten that far. I just eat them as a snack. Delicious!!" -L.S. - Lexington, KY

"I am obsessed! So delicious! I have been eating these on salads, avocado toast, veggie bowls, everything! They add the perfect crunch! Who needs bacon bits? ;)" -Brittany M. - NY, NY

"I eat them straight up as a snack, or will add them to soups, or mix in with other beans and rice meals." -Paul H. - Middleton, WI

"I can't eat my salad without your lentils! I love them!" -Nicole D. - Davenport, IA

"Tried the Spicy lentils in person at the Eastern Market in Detroit. Ordered a pouch, loved it even more. Just ordered another five! Very rare to find healthy snacks that taste this good." -Sasank K. - Chicago, IL

"I've sampled all 3 at the Detroit Eastern Market. I never knew lentils could ever taste exciting! You have won me over. I immediately came home and told my family about your product. I Love spicy, but I'm the only one who can tolerate it. So I'm getting plenty to share. Thank you for changing my mind!" -Yvonne L. - Westland, MI

"Sampled at the eastern them" -Erene R. - Nokomis, FL

"I actually sampled the product in person. They were great, so I thought I'd take advantage:)" -Ryan J. - Troy, MI

"They are the perfect, spicy addition to my salads, soups and black bean chili! Clearly, I'm addicted to these little lentils, as I've just ordered twenty bags!!"

"Purchased at VegFest. Now in love with the Spicy. Won't eat salads or soups without them. Thanks" -MiChelle C. - Detroit, MI

"These awesome lentils are super yummy and healthy too!! Great as a garnish in soups, salads or rice/pasta dishes. Delish!" -Josephine S. - Valrico, FL

"(I like them) By themselves and in cooking dishes" -Melanie S. - Indian Trail, NC

"I sampled the lentils at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland and absolutely loved them. I purchased a bag of each flavor and have shared them with my family, who also loves them! I just had to order more as Christmas gifts!" -Jody N. - Painesville, OH

"The roasted lentils are delicious-I use them on everything from salads to pizza. I can't wait to get my order. I'm ordering extra to give as gifts." -Nancy R. - Northville, MI

"As a guilt-free snack! Love them -- and my husband does too!"

"I sampled this product at the Madison Wisconsin Vegan Fest, and have become totally addicted. I have tried to roast lentils and garbanzo beans on my own, but have failed repeatedly..... I am SO THRILLED to have found this site to order these ready-to-eat roasted treats that are very healthy and guilt-free ..... nutritional and YUMMY" -Ann P. - Madison, WI

"After trying the lentils once, I never eat a salad without them. All 3 flavors are awesome. Sometimes I even mix and match. And the lentils add great flavor and a little crunch to the lettuce. I plan to toss them on my next pizza and maybe on top of some pasta." -David G. - Royal Oak, MI

"This week I used the Mediterranean roasted lentils in a vegan caesar salad with roasted chickpeas. They added that extra layer of flavor and were fantastic as a substitute for croutons. Who needs some bland croutons when you can have roasted lentils?!?" -Kristyn from Fitastic Vegan Life

"On everything!!! So yummy! Happy dance!"-Kate L. - Vadnais Heights, MN

"I love eating the lentils as an on the go snack!! They're so delicious on their own or as a topping for salad!"-Louis S. - Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Tried them at the Eastern Market, bought I can't stop eating them between patients!" -Dr. Steve - Sylvan Lake, MI

"Spicy Roasted Lentils are my new favorite go to for spicing up soups and salads. Even veggie based Ramen goes great with spicy lentils. Salads will never be boring again!! Thanks for coming to Chicago Vegan Mania and introducing me to the best new food to spice up my life!" -Deb R. - Chicago, IL

"Do you know where I can find the guy that sells cheeses?" -guy at Farmer's Market

"My son loves this so much, it was his favorite stop at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market. He has sent me specifically for this when we don't need anything else." -Anita L. - Oak Park, MI

"I LOVE the spicy lentils on my salad! I tried them for the first time at the Chicago VegFest and I've been hooked ever since!" -Nicole D. - Davenport, IA

"Fiber, iron, protein, other beneficial minerals are just a few reasons that I'm supposed to like lentils. Being a healthy eater (most of the time), I have tried, seriously, for years to like lentils, but I just can't seem to do it...until I tried Simple Supple Foods Roasted Lentils at Veganfest in Asheville, NC this weekend. They are SO tasty, so convenient, and I'm really glad I've finally found a way to enjoy lentils! All of the flavors are very tasty, Mediterranean is my favorite! They were great on a kale, avocado, and sun-dried tomato salad I made last night! Thank you, Simple Supple Foods, for traveling all the way to Asheville so I could learn to love lentils!" -Stephanie K. - Asheville, NC

"All 3 flavors are Delicious. I will always keep a bag of these in my desk at work! How exciting to find such a tasty, satisfying and healthy snack." -J.K. - Huntington Woods, MI

"I eat them by the spoonful. The roasted lentils are so good I can imagine eating in salad, mixed with veggies or on potatoes but they are so good I have never gotten that far. I just eat them as a snack. Delicious!!" -L.S. - Lexington, KY

"I love them plain or in salad!"-Christine S. - Blissfield, MI

"Delicious!" -I.F. (a 6-year-old boy at Whole Foods) - Rochester Hills, MI

"I taste tested the spicy lentils at the veg feast and knew I had to buy all three flavors." -A.M. - Livonia, MI

"I have been consuming your Lentils the last few months now and have determined that they make every meal better. I have used them with fish, steak and chicken and always on salads. Excellent product, and very flavorful. I would recommend them to anyone. They are also excellent on omelets." -K.M.

"I tried the roasted lentils at the Madison Vegan Fest, and they're great. They make a excellent spicy, crunchy topping! I will request that my grocery co-op, Willy Steet West, starts carrying them." -Adrienne N. - Madison, WI

"Delicious! I gave my neighbor your flyer...they are such wonderful healthy snacks!" -Amy U.

"My favorite way to eat the lentils are in soups or in salads. It has a good crunch effects without the carbs and gluten that a bread crouton would have." -D.A. - Bloomfield Twp, MI

"My family loves these Roasted Lentils! Such unique flavor and taste. We went through our bag in no time and can't wait to get more. We use it on everything!" -M.D. - Edina, MN

"I purchased a pack at Eastern Market and love them on my egg whites!!!! Thank you for a great product!!" -K.F. - South Lyon, MI

"Received a pouch in our mitten box and loved the taste. It was so good, we decided that all the flavors must be equally as tasty so we order all 3 flavor. This time, one pouch of each flavor for both of us. They are so good, you won't want anyone else to eat your pouch!!" -R.S. - Ypsilanti, MI